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Angie's List

To Whom It May Concern: 

It is expected of a person who has a job to do their job; but then you have those who are passionate about what they do and it is exuded in the quality of service they render to each customer on a daily bases.  I wanted to take the time to share the type of service that was rendered to me by Steve Rinehart. 


I must say that buying a home is stressful in itself and I can honestly say that I was nervous about the process; however Steve made my home inspection experience a very pleasant one because of the world-class customer service he provided. He was adamant about handling all my concerns and issues 

in a prompt and professional manner, which made me feel as though he GENUINELY CARED (genuine care/concern for people is becoming very rare). He is very knowledgeable and patient as he took the time to explain/educate me on ways I could address some of the concerns I had in reference to the home. 

This level/type of care and concern is not only a testament of his commitment to excellence but it also placed me at ease and it gained my respect, trust and confidence which is vital to the continued success of Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service. He embodies the meaning of selfless service and is a sterling example for all to emulate and should be publicly commended and/or recognized for his job well done. Thank you for your  time and attention to this matter. Be blessed

Description of work:

Home Inspection