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Video: Superinsulation Doesn't Work if the Windows Leak

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In this installment of Green Building Advisor's "Job Site Visits" series, building science guru Joe Lstiburek explains why insulating a house to the highest standards won't do much good if the home still has significant air leakage. I am always amazed at builders who will upsell to an 18 SEER AC system but then struggle to pass the air barrier blower door testing even down here in climate zone 2 where we only need to get under 5ACH@50PA. I have had exceptional home pass before I find a window open a few inches. Have a home test out at 7ACH is not uncommon until I get to walk the home with the builder at the rough. Framers are the most common culprits, with wallboard installers a close second. I have found that a few extra trips to the home at these phases pay off, but only if the builder leans on the subs to make changes in their practice. The old “that’s the way we have always done it” is the usual response.

My observation is that the licensed trades have moved into the 21 century (slowly) due to code requirements and the others are usually motivated by the red tags or the possibility of being replace. I say, whatever works. Building a home is a team sport, the builder is the quarterback. Imagine a football game being played without a quarterback on most the plays. The builder must be involved at all points. 


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