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Are Ceiling Fans a Good for Energy Efficiency?

Ceiling fans would seem, at first glance, to be a smart tool in the overall mix of your home's energy efficency equipment. But too few know that their real value is when they're blowing on people--and many experts say they're essentially worthless and counterproductive if people aren't present in the home. 

Carl Seville, a Green Building Consultant and expert from Atlanta, wrote a provocatively named post recently: Ceiling Fans are Evil on the Green Building Advisor blog.

Here's a direct quote: "I am not suggesting that we should not use ceiling fans — just that they shouldn’t be on if no one is in the room. If people only use them when necessary and set their thermostat a bit higher, then the extra heat is a small price to pay for the comfort and energy savings."

Do you leave your fans on when no one is home? Do you use them only in the summer?


Big thanks for sharing this

Big thanks for sharing this post.

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The line, “Ceiling Fans are Evil” really enticed me in. It will really get every readers attention. Actually, I have nothing against those ceiling fans, it is just that they are being used off beam. Ceiling fans are used to cool us not the house. That’s why I don’t get the point of leaving a ceiling fan on even if the room is empty. We have ceiling fans almost everywhere in the house and only use them when the place is occupied. That’s why, there is no doubt in me that when ceiling fans are used properly, it could be a big help in energy efficiency.

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