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Texas Energy Code Ambassador

The Energy Code Ambassadors Program (ECAP) is a program SPEER has initiated, in collaboration with the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT), the International Code Council (ICC) and the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP).  This program incorporates direct interaction with trained and experienced code  and building professionals who understand the challenges and constraints that are often faced with energy code compliance..  Ambassadors are geographically situated to provide guidance and peer-to-peer support for the building and enforcement community.  SPEER supports these professionals with additional resources and communication.

A supportive, local infrastructure is crucial to realizing the benefits of energy codes. However, implementation and enforcement efforts are often lacking or lagging in local areas, and receive disproportionately little attention in the world of building codes. In Texas state law also requires that all enforcement professionals be certified in the energy codes, so these Ambassadors will help us to determine where training and support is needed to meet the growing demands of our building departments.


For Texas, the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) establishes the baseline for energy codes, information on compliance tools, and offers free online training videos. For outside the enforced jurisdictions, TAMU Energy Systems lab provides forms that meet the state code for builders and raters.


Energy code adoption enables

Energy code adoption enables new and renovated residential and commercial structures to achieve the energy efficiency outlined in the code.

Frequently redesigned

Frequently redesigned construction policy promise new items and practices move on into structures when the time is correct and are not any more tests. The code step up lever evaluates the innovation picture and customer request, and makes a mock-up code that can apply advancement continuously over the edifice.

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