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Inspector Qualifications

Interview the Home Inspector

1.     Is the inspector a member of a home inspector trade association?

2.     Does the inspector conform with local and state requirements? State Regulations

3.     How many inspections has the inspector performed?

4.     How long has the inspector been performing full fee paid inspections?

5.     Does the inspector have any formal training and do they maintain continuing education in the industry?

6.     What is the inspector's background, contractor? engineer? What qualifies them to inspect homes.

7.     Does their company carry errors and omission (E&O) insurance?

8.     Are they a full time inspector?

9.     How long should the inspection take? The average is one hour per thousand square feet, however this can vary depending on the house and the parties present.

10.  As the client may I accompany the inspector? This is typically recommended; the client however must not impede or distract the inspector. The client should not get near any open electric areas or get on the roof with the inspector due to safety concerns.

11.  Does the inspector get on roofs when possible? Does the inspector get in crawlspaces when accessible?

12.  Let the inspector describe and educate you about their inspection and why you should choose them.

13.  Shy away from inspectors that criticize their competition.

14.  Don't go with the lowest price, go with the best qualifications.

15.  What type of inspections does the inspector perform?

16.  Finally what kind of report will you receive and most important when will you receive it? Most home inspection companies offer onsite reports. Many will provide a preventive maintenance manual for you as well.