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ENERGY STAR Version 3 Implementation Procedures

The transition to the ENERGY STAR program for new homes – Version 3 is complete 

Do you know the builder, the HVAC contractor and the HERS rater all need to have complete the Version 3 training and be certified for Version 3

ENERGY STAR Version 3 takes this certification to a new level expanding from one checklist to four. The first is an expanded version of the current Thermal Bypass Inspection (proper insulating and sealing of the building envelope), now called the Thermal Enclosure System checklist. Two checklists deal with thorough selection, design and installation of the HVAC system and water management is the focus of the fourth checklist.

All Version 3 testing and checklists must be completed

One of the HVAC checklists and the Thermal Enclosure checklist are completed by the HERS rater. The remaining HVAC checklist is the responsibility of the HVAC contractor and the Water Management checklist is filled out by the builder and reviewed by the HERS rater. All three of these participants must complete training as required by Energy Star in order to work on Version 3 homes.

Required ENERGY STAR Version 3 Training Sessions

Homebuilder Orientation:

Homebuilders are required to complete a short, online orientation. The session takes only about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Take the ENERGY STAR Orientation Training for Builders (via My ENERGY STAR Account).

HVAC Contractor Orientation for ENERGY STAR Version 3

The first step in becoming a Quality Assured (QA) contractor is participating in the orientation course. At least one company employee must successfully complete this course in order for the company to apply to the QA program. It is recommended that the person responsible for the work being performed should the one being trained. Sign up today to get started!

Introduction to ENERGY STAR for New Homes

Introduction to ENERGY STAR HVAC Contractor and Rater Checklists

To be eligible to install HVAC equipment in homes qualified under Version 3, HVAC contractors must complete this ENERGY STAR Version 3 training orientation and be credentialed through an EPA-recognized industry organization. For information on working with ENERGY STAR qualified homes as an HVAC contractor, please visit our contractors web page. For more information, please visit:

  • EPA-recognized HVAC Quality Installation training and oversight organizations
    • ACCA's Quality Assured Contractor Program
    • Advanced Energy’s Quality-Assured Professional (QAP) for HVAC program