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ENERGY STAR for HVAC Contractors

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Current List of credentialed Contractors In Texas

Applies to Homes permitted or started after Dec 31, 2011

Aspen Air is now recognized as a QA Program Participant

Translation: They can install HVAC for homes seeking certification in the latest version of ENERGY STAR V3


Working in ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes as an HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor Resources

  1. HVAC Quality Installation Contractor Checklist (Pages 7-10)
  2. ENERGY STAR for Homes Guidelines
  3. HVAC Quality Installation Rater Checklist Guidebook (5.8MB)
  4. List of ENERGY STAR builder and rater partners

With the ENERGY STAR for Homes Version 3 guidelines (effective on January 1, 2012), EPA will require that the HVAC systems in all homes that earn the ENERGY STAR label be installed according to industry–accepted Quality Installation (QI) guidelines established in ANSI/ACCA Standard 5 QI . This Standard establishes industry–accepted best practices for proper installation of HVAC systems for optimal performance – providing homeowners with comfort, efficiency, and savings. The four main requirements of an HVAC QI are:

  1. Proper equipment sizing and component matching;
  2. Correct refrigerant charge;
  3. Proper airflow to match refrigerant capacity; and
  4. Sealing ducts to minimize leaks.

To ensure that HVAC systems in ENERGY STAR qualified homes are installed properly, the HVAC contractor will be required to complete and sign a detailed inspection checklist based on the QI Standard. An independent Home Energy Rater will also review the contractor’s checklist and validate key data points for accuracy.

Further, HVAC contractors who wish to install systems in ENERGY STAR Version 3 homes will be required to be ‘credentialed’ by an EPA–recognized third–party training and oversight organization (H-QUITO).

Why should HVAC contractors become credentialed?

More than 8,500 builders across the United States are constructing ENERGY STAR qualified homes. HVAC contractors interested in doing business with these builders in 2012 and beyond will need to ensure that they have appropriate training, develop policies and procedures regarding HVAC Quality Installation, and pursue required credentialing.

Credentialed HVAC contractors will also be able to differentiate themselves in a competitive market as highly trained professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver optimal performance in the HVAC systems that they install.

And because ENERGY STAR Version 3 qualified homes incorporate a complete package of building-science based features that deliver efficiency, comfort, and performance, builders and their subcontractors will see fewer homeowner complaints and callbacks that cut into their bottom line.

Who can credential HVAC Contractors for ENERGY STAR Version 3?

HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight Organizations (H-QUITOs) are the independent, third-party oversight organizations that provide the required training and oversight activities for HVAC contractors.

HVAC contractors seeking to be credentialed by an H-QUITO must:

  1. Attend an HVAC QI/ENERGY STAR orientation training class offered by the H-QUITO;
  2. Submit an application to the H-QUITO that demonstrates that they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities (e.g., through training, work experience, and/or company policies) to effectively deliver the HVAC Quality Installation services required in the ENERGY STAR HVAC QI checklist); and
  3. Be subject to quality assurance oversight by the H-QUITO.

Current EPA-Recognized HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight Organizations:

  1. ACCA's Quality Assured Contractor Program

How can builders find credential HVAC Contractors for ENERGY STAR Version 3?

As HVAC contractors become credentialed, builders will be able to find lists of qualified contractors on the H-QUITOs’ web sites. As the implementation for ENERGY STAR Version 3 approaches, builders should ensure that their HVAC contractors are properly credentialed and appear on an H-QUITOs’ on-line list of contractors.

Proper representation of HVAC contactors

This credential does not imply ENERGY STAR partnership or certification for the HVAC contractor, nor give the organization rights to use of the ENERGY STAR logo. Participating contractors can say “We are qualified, credentialed contractors eligible to perform work on ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes.” Contractors should NOT refer to themselves as: ENERGY STAR contractors; ENERGY STAR consultants; or ENERGY STAR partners.