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Building 101

Here is where I come to pass on ideas that I just think are good to know. I inspect almost 2000 homes a year and hardly a day goes by that I don't see something unique. Some are too good not to pass along. As I can I will post an Idea, maybe a new technology, maybe a contractor does such a good job I want to personally tell someone or just the details on a project that by sharing will make someone’s else’s life a little easier. I will also show you things that are are just plain bad, i am not one to sugar coat it.

It's all here for your education.


Steven Rinehart

Just plain smart building ideas

Aging in Place

Contractor Picks

Case Studies


Let Mother Nature light your home



To some installing plumbing is a challenge,

to other an a minor inconvenience.



More Ugle Plumbing (PART 2)